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I got My First Writing Job

I remember the first time I wrote anything.

I was already obsessed with books--before I could read or even properly speak, I would drag 'Spot Goes To The Farm' around the house, forcing anyone who made eye contact to read it to me, often more than once.

Cut to Grade One. My elementary school had a basement computer room full of Macintosh 128K's, and on Tuesday afternoons half of our class went to the computer lab, while the other half practiced 'creative writing' in the classroom.

I should have suspected I was a writer back then... when I quietly preferred my own shabby penmanship to 'state of the art' computer games like Hangman & Oregon Trail. Technically, I've been writing even longer than I've been dancing.

I remember my first story was some cautionary tale about a giant terrorizing a town.

Honestly none of my first stories were very good. I remember one from junior high about a female hockey player who died on the ice--it was terrible and my teacher made a point of saying so. There's also a Fivestar sketchbook full of EMO poems somewhere in my mom's basement--just me processing my high school hormones and practicing the sonnet form. Everything is so dramatic in high school. Not a lot of nuance in those days, when the next thing your crush says is life or death.

I turned out to be more of a poetry/memoir type, with maybe a hint of journalism (all those persuasive essays in college). I not-so-secretly love writing emails, and helping people with resumes and cover letters. I love talking people up. I love finding the sweet spot between casual and professional. I just love... words.

I often catch my brain 'writing' as I experience daily life. Quotes pop up constantly, describing my day and relationships. Maybe that's why I'm more of a nonfiction writer: I like to write what I see.

All it took was a few weeks of daily writing practice for me to fall back in love with the craft, and submit myself for a writing gig.

I wrote 3 pitches on the NY subway between Flushing and the Upper West Side, did a bit of research, and wrote an article on the importance of freestyle for a dancer's career and creative wellbeing. The paperwork went through today: I'll be writing monthly articles for Dance Plug: a website devoted to dancer education and resources. I feel stoked to be part of this new community, and freshly motivated both as a writer and a dancer. Plus, it's my first paid writing gig. It's been a long, sporadic journey from first grade creative writing block to now.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on these posts. I'm learning more and more about my voice and audience through your readership. :)

I'll link my article when it publishes!

Read all about it, Folks!

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