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I've been catching up with some of you. Facetime calls have taken on new meaning these days. They are more grounding than news.

Shane and I are together, at our apartment in LA. Our roommate moved out on the 16th so we have the place to ourselves (it's not a great time to look for a roommate as you may already know). Shane turned the master bedroom into a studio full of soft box lighting and scattered film equipment.

I have actually been writing and dancing and singing nonstop. When people started isolating I actually got hit up even more to share dance combos, brainstorm for future funded projects, and write articles. I worked really hard on a quick turnaround for an upcoming article for Dance Plug--I'll be sharing hopefully soon. I spoke to the incredibly inspiring Lauren Ritchie of The Dance Podcast fame about these times of uncertainty and how it has affected the dance community and humanity at large. Lauren's wealth of knowledge and experience helped me focus in on so many artists from my home province and the way dance has evolved since I left. Her grounded optimism and many tools for mental resilience gave me valuable support and something important to write about.

Check out her work as a coach, workshop facilitator, and mental skills trainer here.

Other than these mediums, I've been keeping the house clean, rearranging with Bae, and making occasional trips for grocery runs. Tomorrow we pick up our new TV and speaker. Tonight we watch Tik Toks with burritos. Personal wins all around.

The vibe in LA is pretty lockdown-y. Paper products' shelves are pretty much unanimously empty all over town after 10am. Testing kits for COVID-19 are either unavailable or incomplete so no one here can really get tested (except the Lakers, which makes sense--the last team they played had at least 4 infected players). News has been tricky. Social media is full of wrong information and very intense opinions. I found out there was a province-wide phone number (811) in Alberta to get the latest scientific and administrative updates on the virus and government mandates, and definitely envied being over there. We're dealing with a lot of fake news at a time when we have too much else to deal with... but I take solace in a few creators and resources, and I take solace in our amazing home and all the things we filled it with. I take solace in how human everyone is acting, and the genuine care and compassion in people's voices from day to day.

Tomorrow, I've carved out more space to chill, and stay informed, and stay in touch.

Stay safe and healthy out there global citizens!

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