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We're Moving

I am thrilled and scared and overwhelmed to be saying this... Shane and I are moving from our 2-bedroom apartment in North Hollywood (that we never found a roommate for in the COVID scramble) to a house in Reseda. It's still a rental, and we'll be sharing it with our BFF, Simon Mendoza, and our new friend, Kat.

It's a 4 bedroom, 2 bath, with a lot of beautiful, well-lit space. It has a front and back yard with new sod, a massive kitchen, dining area with french patio doors, laundry room, 2-car garage, fireplace, and a beautiful master suite with a jacuzzi tub AND steam shower. It has both a humongous palm and a lemon tree. Yes, you heard correctly... our new home comes with FREE CITRUS FRUIT.

I can't believe how lucky we are. To have the savings and income and credit to still be able to afford a living upgrade. To have found this steal of a home at a favorable time (outside of the Coronavirus lockdown it probably would have been snatched up before we even had time to think about it). To be moving into a shared, collaborative space with two more excellent, chill creatives. I think I'm still blown away by the possibility, let alone the fact that it is happening. We signed a lease. We paid for the next month and a half. We booked the Uhaul for the 21st of May (a mere 5 days from now!). We're going to deck out our shared office space, designate tubs for hydroponic gardening, woodwork in the garage, AND...

We're going to have dance studio space in our home. The entry room is big enough to accommodate cozy living room things (TV, couch, chairs) and a nice size area for dance with mirrors and recessed lighting. We're going to have space to cook together in the kitchen, a huge walk-in pantry with walls of shelves, a little deck with 3 separate entryways, and a couple of hammocks in the backyard. We're going to build a productive home of respectful creatives and pooled resources.

It fell into place so smoothly... an easy and kind report with the broker (the matriarch of a family of musicians and former pop vocalist: Maureen Steele); the finding of our 4th crony, Kat (a smiling, organized, easygoing production assistant for Netflix who does improv at UCB on the side); the timing with the move out of our former roommate, Billy, and all of our changing needs with Shane's filmmaking and desire to woodwork. We were also utterly blessed with some inheritance money from a generous step-grandfather on Shane's dad's side of the family, which (along with Moon Ride Films gigs and my government checks for COVID and unemployment) have put us in this place of growth, actual savings, and extreme gratitude.

We have a lot of work in the coming weeks. But I am still just speechless at our fortune. We can spend the rest of lockdown curating our corners and nooks for work, health, play, and social time. We can cook together with space to move around, and friends to share meals with. The area in Reseda is a beautiful family neighborhood with walkable groceries and lots of quiet street parking; a short drive from the massive Sepulveda Basin park with its wildlife trails, Japanese gardens, and grassy knolls. We've added a few extra miles (15-20 mins) to our commute to Hollywood/Downtown but our commute to the 405 Freeway will be pretty much the same, although none of us are really commuting right now.

For a lot of people, remodeled, spacious mid range houses are easy to take for granted...

but I grew up in a mobile home in a town of 4000 people in rural Alberta, Canada, and I have lived only in apartments, hotels, and tour buses for my entire adult life. This is a big shift. This is practice for the real deal--buying a house in LA County (which we've had our sights and research set on for a while already). Proof you really can move towards your dreamier goals. :)

Wood panelling, polka dots, and Mcdonald's pizza.

A whole new set of challenges and shifting priorities ahead should make for some interesting blogs. We'll be vibing off our new roomies and putting up art/string lights all over the place. And yes, when the travel ban lifts, please do come and visit us. :)

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