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Valentines Day is Lame and I Think We All Know It.

Don’t get me wrong, I think love is always worth celebrating.

I just don’t think we NEED a Pagan-turned-Christian-turned-Commercial holiday to tell us when and how to engage in romance (February! And by spending money!!)

Sure, restaurants, diamond dealers, florists and chocolatiers need to up their sales between christmas and spring. It just feels a bit forced... V Day can often cause more stress than warm fuzzies—for couples feeling pressured to buy in, and for singles feeling pressured to analyze their aloneness.

Like many people, I looked forward to Valentine‘s Day as a kid... little paper cards from every kid in class—doodles and puzzles and homemade heart decals and an afternoon passing out treats instead of doing school. Then in junior high, the card exchange went moot and the school sold roses, delivering them in the middle of class to the popular girls while the rest of us tried not to feel awkward. We already feel awkward every day in junior high! Why make it worse with $5 exclusive flower delivery? Could we have at least skipped afternoon math class and eaten communal candy? Why do they have to instill a precedent for golden-era romantic coupling at such a young age? Why didn’t they sell roses all the time? High school rarely made sense to my hormone-addled brain but Feb 14 made the least sense of all.

I can handle the Instagram posts about significant others (I’m a long time purveyor of the Bae shoutout). I can get with love, however it looks, on any old day. But I like when we make Valentine‘s Day about community and friendship like we did in 3rd grade. I prefer it as a day for kindness rather than comparison. I also think it’s time to let go of the pressure we put on ourselves and our partners mid Feb. I know it’s not the most revelatory idea, but if you needed permission to skip your typical V Day expectations, I offer it fully to you.

Comment your best and worst Valentine‘s Day stories, and celebrate the people you love every day you can.

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