• Lucia Joyce

Things To Do In NYC (If You’re Me ❤️)

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

1. Hit the pavement between 530 and 6am. Share a 7 or A train car full of half asleep working class dudes and the odd night owl still awake from the night before. Breathe in the communal sense of workaday honor and grit. Smell bacon and coffee from the bodegas.

2. Be pleasantly surprised at the pockets of kindness and good humor among the audition masses. Shower them back with compliments and good vibes.

3. Laugh for no reason with the doorman at Pearl Studios, while he checks your ID. Just needless, wordless laughter. Who knows who smiled first or what it means. We are fine with making each other’s day and not stopping to analyze.

4. Run into 10 people from other gigs you’ve done and give each other a hug that says—we respect each other for continuing the show biz hustle, we follow each other’s journeys, and we care about each other’s well being. Share a coffee or a train ride or reminisce on a street corner and enjoy the unforced beauty of New York run-ins.

5. Lose one glove somewhere in Queens because you’re always taking it off to text/blog. But be proud that you didn’t forget/lose anything else and that’s still growth from the old Loosh.

6. Eat proper Italian food, and at least one bagel, dollar slice, ramen bowl, and arepa.

Find time to cook simple meals for you and a friend because that will always be your favorite way to eat.

7. Nail your audition combos and pirouette tests. Spend as little time as possible analyzing why you still didn’t get many callbacks. Your job is to keep propelling, ever forward, and find a personal win to celebrate, not a reason you’re not ”good enough”.

8. Get way less sleep and run up and down thousands more steps than you would in LA. Enjoy the bustle, the endless people-watching, and the burn in your thighs.

9. See your friends in their shows and showcases. Be so proud of them and happy to witness this moment on their journey that you can’t stop smiling. Be inspired by knowing them and tipsy from beers with them that you renew your faith in the arts and the slow rise to success that finds us in unique, unexpected ways. Remember your younger, more naive and unpredictable days together fondly.

10. Receive the clarity that comes with making a hundred decisions in a day—trekking all over town to peddle your performance wares, taking in art and life on every corner and fueling up on sweaty classes and the better tap water everyone talks about. Enjoy the notion that a little structure in your life makes the grind pretty easy...a notion you can take back to LA and use ASAP. Be equally thrilled to have had an expansive, delightful trip full of love and art and self realization, while also primed for returning to your sunny California apartment in the morning.

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