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The Show Must Be Paused

#theshowmustbepaused and #blackouttuesday is a movement, pioneered by the music and entertainment industry to pause financial and advertising operations on and around Tuesday, June 2, 2020.

As part of the industry that adores, utilizes, and often profits from black culture and creativity, I will not be posting a blog tomorrow. I'm going to use the day to look inward, not outward. No TV or podcasts or hit songs. Just quiet reverence and connection with my food, my neighborhood, my housemates. I will also be limiting phone use in general for a timely unplug from all the signals and opinions out there. I leave you with 125 other relevant, inspired blog posts and a website full of singing, dancing, and character monologues to tide you over if you need your Loosh fix. Know that you are thought of lovingly. Know that I will be singing and playing ukulele and grooving in my kitchen. Know that I'll be watering and conversing with my plants, and finding things to love and laugh about.

I also leave you with some helpful reading with doable actions that are helping the innocent and underserved gain a little more traction in an unfair society:

To Stop, Listen, and Act: How You Can Help Protestors & Black Lives Matter Groups

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