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The Pandemic That Brought Us Together

Have you noticed it yet?

The ways we're coming together? We're physically distancing, but we're aligning in common empathy, fast.

Have you noticed yourself and others viewing the world in a different way? We're more aware of humans across the globe, not for their foreignness, but for their humanness.

We're seeing our similarities instead of differences. Most of us are reaching out to family, supporting friends and strangers, trying to stay calm and stay informed, stocking up on essentials, checking in with our bodies and the well being of loved ones. We're more aware of our global community than ever. A community that values human life more than human division.

We're coming together locally too.

Neighbors in Italy are singing together from their balconies. Others are offering to make grocery-runs for those staying inside. Waiting lines outside Trader Joe's and Ralph's seem amicable. Today, I ventured out with a friend for tacos and art supplies--the air was hospitable and considerate. The (typically abominable) Saturday traffic was chill. Drivers seemed focused, undistracted. Everyone is just... more aware of each other.

On the research front, we have global collaboration on a massive scale.

Canadians have isolated novel coronavirus... a major step on the path to diagnostic testing, treatments, and vaccines. Dutch researchers have submitted a potential coronavirus antibody for peer review. Scientists all over the world are pitching in and sharing their findings with the CDC and WHO. Taiwan's low case count has given the rest of the world better tools to make swift, life-saving decisions and properly inform the public.

Other delightful things that are happening:

The crapshoot that is the American political system and the corrupt/biased media that subtly reinforces that system, is fading to the background (at least for me). As we all ask simply for fact-based news, and look toward our global community for answers and support, we waste less time and energy on hating the other political side, and focus on the health and security of all. Poorly-timed attack ads are easier to ignore.

All the agendas we're usually force-fed at election time seem to be playing second fiddle to what really matters: coming together, finding a cure, getting clear, up to date information, perhaps even realizing all that we have to be grateful for.

Social media is leaning into humor and hope, and so are we.

It's what we do in times like these.

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