• Lucia Joyce

The Long Game

Take breaks, and take good care of yourself.

But don't lose momentum.

Don't let the sheer vastness of what we're trying to accomplish numb you.

Shift in the discomfort of every last phone call to a government official, reminders of friends to vote, difficult conversations with the racists in your life, and grief/anger inside you.

There is a community. A global one. Led by ever-more eloquent, educated, compassionate trailblazers. When you feel stuck, turn to them. They'll help you choose better words, see from a more forward-moving perspective. Just do what you do best and see the humanity in the people around you. Take in the limitless culture. Witness a history that will not be forever whitewashed, but dusted off and built anew.

Get into spirituality. Give everything that seems impossible right now to a god of your choosing. Light a candle. Stand tall in the sun. Run your hands along something soft. Bathe in a tub, an ocean, or a garden hose. Find a way to cleanse your mind of worry and anger so you can stay focused on the road ahead. Sit quietly when you feel most talkative. Hug someone.

Choose your sources. Get really good at seeing what's made-up, what's promoted by whom, and what is well-researched and palatable for you. Take enough time to absorb, reflect, and truly understand.

This is the long game. We're pulling out every tool we have, and we need to know how everything works. Take the time you need to understand what's happening. Start here:

And here:

Steady your unconditional worthiness. Ignore unnecessary attacks by people who are supposed to be allies. Take action to help, not to hurt. We've done enough hurting, and though the slow trek to progress isn't as immediately satisfying as lambasting whoever's making the most mistakes, the goal is to unify, not divide, so leave your bully-tactics at home as best you can. Put on your empathy-goggles and breathe deeply through the rest of 2020. We're making history. #blacklivesmatter

Speaking from experience, nothing really that satisfying comes from the short game anyway.

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