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The Heat

It was 109 degrees in Reseda today. We lowered our thermostat setting to 70, but the house pretty much gave up this afternoon and it's been 83 since. My poor newly planted beans have dried out on their poles. Almost every plant I bought for the flower beds has dried up, even with daily watering. Even the house plants seem extra thirsty. Only the thai pepper plant seems to be thriving in this heat wave.

A shiny film of sweat has been my all-day accessory, even in the self tape I submitted around 5pm. The heat comes with a kind of brain fog, a desire to hibernate through the hottest parts of the day. The heat is a cease-and-desist letter for most activities, but we still barreled through a full day of work. I was in a memoir class from 9-5 (it was illuminating and exhausting). Shane edited half the day and worked in the garage the other half (until the heat basically kicked him out). Simon is still rolling sushi at a Tiki bar in NoHo as I type this. Tomorrow will probably be no different.

It is the summer of work. Our answer to all the uncertainty in March and April was to dig into all the projects we had been putting off, to invest in self employment and to build our skill sets. Now, in the hottest weekend of the year, we are plugging away at our desks, drum set, and table saw, pining for the beach, but getting into the rhythm of earning it, rather than escaping to it. The heat makes me sleepy, but grateful. Grateful for cold showers and ramen runs (the car might be the coolest place we can go right now, and no, we are not above eating hot noodle soup on these hot nights). Grateful for fresh plums and water from a little spout in the inner fridge wall. Grateful for extra freezer ice that I can share with my outdoor plants and the worms in the compost bin. Grateful to be writing about interminable, ubiquitous heat and not sickness or oppression or loneliness or fear.

Tomorrow is another day of class before the next scattered work week sets in. We're hosting another socially distanced special dance event with Sam Spiegel on Twitch this Thursday. I have my first mandatory COVID-19 test on Monday, physical therapy for my locked left S.I. joint on Tuesday, scene study Wednesday, and writing class again on the weekend. Forgive me in advance for my probable lack of TikToks, but I have some more personal essays brewing that I think you'll like. :)

Hope everyone is staying cool out there!

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