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The Good Kind Of Exhausted

I almost feel too tired to write.

It's my first full day back in LA. I'm still on NY time, and still recovering from the physical and emotional whirlwind NY trips have become: non stop pavement pounding, coffee dependency (I've been caffeine free in LA, but I get back on the wagon in New York just to keep up), and suitcase dragging. Even the 'fun' in New York is more like work: pounding beers in dark, brick and mortar spaces with friends who have to wake up just as early as you, so you better not complain.

I traveled for 9 hours to LAX, then spent another hour and a half in rush hour traffic with a Lyft driver named Guillermo. I dozed beneath the hood of my winter coat, occasionally twitching awake with my head on the door. Home was bittersweet, as my better half had already left to spend the month in Vegas, filming a new show in development at Planet Hollywood. I loved the quiet but it wasn't worth the emptiness. Naturally, I busied myself with cleaning projects.

Today, I drove to Buena Vista for my first rehearsal with Tenor By Night--a musical about a man who makes mannequins, based on a true story. I have a day's worth of songs and steps to review, and a head full of first impressions. Everyone is kind and enthusiastic. The music is beautiful and I'm looking forward to putting in the work to get it right.

I have lines to learn for a film gig on Monday as well, and classes I promised to take, and paid articles to edit. I have a video to edit for Beating of Wings, and meal prep to do for the week, and a self tape song to fit in somewhere in the fray.

Fuck, that's exciting.

Even though all I can really think about is collapsing into bed, I am exactly where I want to be. I earned this exhaustion doing everything I love to do in a hundred different ways. And about 300 miles away, my partner is doing the same.

I have a few hours of work to do, yet, but the sleep that follows will be worth it. The best sleep comes after a productive, creative day. The best sleep comes from just the right balance of exhaustion and gratitude.

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