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Thank You

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

Dancers of NY: James Jin

Thank you for visiting my website and for taking the time to read this particular blog page.

As I polish up the last details of my website and prepare myself to push the 'Publish' button and go live, I feel this dense, radiating ball of thankfulness for being exactly where I am, knowing where I was before and where I'm headed.

So, I just want to take some time to gush.

On the set of Let's Dream with Eric Gorlow

Thank you to everyone who has ever supported me in the slightest way--by clicking on or showing up to some kind of art I took part in, by sending me encouraging messages, by collaborating with me creatively, by offering any type of feedback, by pushing me, by exposing me to perspectives and artistic choices I hadn't encountered before, by paying for a show I was in, or by paying for any type of art at all--giving a voice to so many creatives like me. Thank you for following me on social media, even though posting and engaging on those platforms isn't my biggest strength, and I could always be doing more and better stuff there. Thank you to those who continue to trust me in my choice to be on this path, even though being a professional artist brings unthinkable risk and challenge; even though you sometimes witness me in total hardship, fear, and pain because of my no-rules, no-promises profession.

Thank you to anyone who has acknowledged the light and the strength and the grounded presence in me. You are helping me fuel up for the tougher days. :)

Thank you to the friends and colleagues constantly lifting me up and motivating me into endless growth and higher climbs.

Thank you to the friends and colleagues sometimes bringing me down because we're all insecure and want to be safe and loved and growth is fucking scary. I acknowledge your fears and your own personal journey, and I believe in you.

We lift each other by first lifting ourselves.

Self Portrait, 2018

Thank you to all my photographers, choreographers, directors, teachers, mentors, and family. Thank you to my brave fellow dancers, actors, writers, and artists of all type. Thank you to everyone who smiles back at me while I wait their table or tend their bar. Thank you to all of my most patient supporters (Mom) for letting me get messy and learn at my own pace. Thank you to everyone I've ever met for your part, however large or small, in getting me this far as a self-sufficient, endlessly satisfied participant in art, show business, and life.

Special thanks to Shane Carrigan, for a kind of love and acceptance and understanding most people only dream about.

Thank you so much for reading. :)

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