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Speaking Of Decisions

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Gary Vee: sometimes his incessant salesmanship is borderline intolerable to me (like, chill bro). Sometimes his frank, upfront statements are a little too triggering. Gary Vee is also a stone cold fox when he catches me in the right mood... but most of the time he just leaves me inspired in a fresh, straightforward way.

Just make a choice. Flip a coin. People are 50/50 for most of their lives...Gary Vaynerchuk pushes for us to make any choice and move the f**k on. I've been doing this lately with pretty efficient results--it's an approach with real clarity. Instead of half-assing everything and trying to maintain a sensible hand in every pot, I'm throwing my full self into the commitment of each decision. I'm connecting with more people. I'm being more honest and forthright and less prone to regret/over-analysis. I'm saying yes, and learning a sh*t ton.

I mentioned in yesterday's post the importance of making your own decisions. Today I want to follow up with: commit to learning from the decisions you've made. Go all in. Use your gut, and waste as little time as possible regretting your choice. Just get going on the next one. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take, yadda yadda.

So far this year I have trusted my heart more than any of the well-worn adages or societal norms. And what I so far have to show for it is a lot of new opportunities... new writing job, new audition game, new Broadway callback next week that I will be stoked just to be in the room for, new paid industrial film gig the first week in March--the first acting thing I've properly booked from a submission and self tape (milestone!), new musical in March & April, new opportunities with Shane's company, and just a new zest for the present moment.

All it took was a few more yes's. A few more leaps. A little more faith in myself.

It could all be different next week, but it still feels like an important shift in the right direction.

Thanks for being here for it. :)

Ghostbuster onesie--that's a choice I can clearly run with.

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