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Some Good News

At a time when fear rules the airwaves and grim statistics seem to be the new normal; in a place of masks, gloves, sanitization, and polite suspicion; in a world where stupidity is costing lives in the lights of our global stage...

...there is some good.

I've been on the hunt for it, in phone swipes and inner dialogues and long discussions with the people I love. I think we've all been searching for it, because the alternative is a storm of deep unknown and hopelessness swallowing our entire day. But what, exactly, is good news... because a milestone achieved for one person might be a depressing trigger for another. A joke could be more offensive than it's worth. Cue: John Krasinski. He already has a bevy of beautiful content in the form of interviews and Office outtakes online--enough to get us through some tougher times. But he decided to make a 'good news channel' to lift some spirits, and the result had me laughing, crying, and searching for ways to do some good in the world.

Another incredibly-timed video hit the internet today that is incredibly dear to my heart, because I have the honor of knowing its creator: Miral Kotb, CEO of iLuminate, who has now beaten cancer twice and funneled her vast talents and resources into charitable events, inspirational talks around the world, and an innovative self-produced new show. Having known Miral since 2015, and even providing a tiny bit of inspiration for this story concept back in 2018, everything about it left me floored and speechless. What she went through to survive and what she took from that brutally difficult year of hospital beds, transplants, and treatments...I simply had no idea how hard things were for her, and how much a video message could lift her in her time of need. As a bonus, some content was shot and edited by Shane through Moon Ride Films.

Now is a time for digging deep and not only seeking out some good news in the world, but making it. Our art-filled stories and post-shares that emphasize the good in people--we need them, and they make a difference on our darker days. Check out the #shareyourlight campaign at iluminate.com and watch it premier tomorrow on Good Morning America.

Thank you to friends and family, celebrities and strangers, who are taking a moment to lift us, to shed light on a truer part of us, and just be present with empathy and hope.

I sit in the sound of rain under cover of clouds, but I am better today for watching and hearing these stories. I have some good news myself: my mom is back to 100% and today she was able to go back to work, which made her ecstatic. "I haven't worn shoes or driven my car in 3 weeks," she ruminated on the phone today.

I also got called to do a self-tape remote acting gig on Thursday. They will drop off some (sanitized) camera and backdrop equipment and the DP and director will Facetime me to get set up. Shane gets to help too! I am so excited, not for the resume credit or the money, but for the chance to dig into some work--to throw myself into a project outside of just staying sane at home. Feeling insanely blessed. :)

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