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Sending Love

I'm sending love to you today!

I'm pretty much sending that sh*t nonstop as you pop into my thoughts and social feeds, but today, I just want to gush over with gratitude for everyone I know, and a few people I don't.

Love to Mom, first, always--and her swift recovery from COVID-19. What would I do without your decades of devotion to healthy habits and brave, grateful mindset? We would both be in a different place. And I realized today, on a home-shoot job, another way in which we are alike: we both love working. We're good at being useful, adapting to changing work environments, and communicating clearly. I love that!

Love to Josh: my first ever homie. My favorite way to feel better about the world. (WHERES LUCIA?)

Love to Dad: I'm reading all the emails! Stay healthy and call me soon!

Love to two Annas: Anna Noble, my dance audition crony and new writing accountability buddy (thanks for so much good inspiration yesterday--it was well timed), and Anna Miles, for taking the time to write this status that made the world a little kinder today:

Love to Carly, Tom, Everly, and Clark Dudley. You guys make me laugh and smile every day. You make it easy to have stronger faith in the good of the world. Thank you for being such an awesome family, and still finding time to share hilarious kid quotes, good art finds, gardening tips, and this:

Love to Tricia: my spirit sister from another mister--holed up in her NYC studio apartment, dancing in her kitchen and smiling in Marco Polos just for me every day. Why are you so lovely?

Love to my friend, Nick Ranauro. I missed you today but I'll catch you tomorrow! (A small poem for you :))

Love to Danny & Steph: y'all live up the block and in mine and Shane's hearts. I can't wait to see your latest art creations and binge watch music videos together again. When the rain stops we want to run by and and maybe catch up through your driveway gate, or from our car? Think about it. :)

Love to Simon: let's write more songs :)

Love to (Ms.) Jenny: for posting this today, and achieving in less than 100 words what I usually try to do in 1000. You are smart and brave and I f**kin look up to you more than ever:

Love to the fams in Millet, Leduc, Etown, Calgs (I don't know if people call it that, I just heard someone call it that one time and it makes me laugh) & Cochrane, Van, Seattle, Ottawa, Manitoba (Brett you're the only one, I'm sorry, it's the only province I've never been to. Sorry), Montreal, New York, Philly, Chicago, Jersey, Detroit, Florida, Texas (I wish we talked more. I'm sorry.), Nashville, Arizona, Vegas, Germany, Austria, Japan, Malaysia, The Philippines (I still haven't been, I'm sorry), the UK, Ireland, Australia (One day I WILL VISIT, but what if I never leave?), Mexico, Santa Monica, Culver, OC, Silverlake, and all of the San Fernando F-ing Valley! If I missed you and you're actually reading this, I'm sorry. Also, message me for your custom apology.

Love to everyone I've worked with: on ships, on janky bus tours, in restaurants, at mitzvahs, on set, at Capers those five months in my early 20's, at camps, on random gigs in random places... I think about you. I hope you're well in the deepest sense of the word. I hope you're doing little, happy things now and then, or all the time. I hope you don't drink as much as we used to...

Love to Shane: When I'm at the top of my game you are my biggest supporter.

When I'm at my lowest of lows, you are my biggest supporter.

I have never felt so safe, and yet, so given permission to explore my best self. You help me relax and just naturally unfold. You watch me cry a lot and you keep it chill. You're probably going to turn around and see me crying while I type this. It's fine. I still don't know why I'm so lucky...but I just stopped asking and I'm rolling with it now.

Love to everyone out here making dope creative stuff for its own sake, and to uplift others, not just to turn a profit or keep your brand alive.

Love to the people finding clever ways to make comedy out of this craziness: TikTok is definitely on to something (except when it's terrible, but it's mostly kids--they don't care about being classy). Also Laura Clery, and Tyga, and Trevor Noah, and John Krasinski (I wrote a whole blog about him and still am not confident typing his last name--I have to pause in the middle and think really hard). When the times are hard and the crowd is tough, we need people who will still find a way to make us laugh--that's when we need it the most...

That's why we're falling asleep to Office reruns! And quoting Nacho Libre all through the house! And googling 'Cats Don't Care'!!!

Love to the people who need it most: May neighbors and kind strangers and family and cat videos swoop in just when you need them. May you feel safe and warm and cared for and fed every day. May patients receive the greatest, swiftest medical care. May healthcare workers feel like the warmly appreciated heroes they are, and still find time to rest and take care of themselves. May scientists and engineers and leaders feel equipped and grounded enough to rise to the occasion and offer the help we really need. May food workers get rest, good pay, PPE, and paid sick leave when they need it. May we at least all feel a little more connection and compassion for just how many of us there are, and how similar we are at the end of the day. We're out here, looking for love and joy, and a safe space to create a better life.

I could go on...and I will. Probably tomorrow.

Sending Love.

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