• Lucia Joyce

Rules For Gratitude

1. Some days gratitude is so easy. Other times it feels impossible. Both of these and all things in between are acceptable.

2. Being grateful and being judgmental don't mix.

3. There are windows of gratitude you wouldn't necessarily expect, but you have to be brave enough to open yourself to them. These windows might include strange dreams, long lines full of characters at the grocery store, and being powerfully held by your boyfriend even though he's the reason you got emotional in the first place.

4. A gratitude code, or practice with yourself is allowed to look different from every other gratitude practice you've observed. (Hence why judgment isn't going to help you).

5. Gratitude is not a structured religion or scientific exploit. It's just a delicious state of being, accessible by any and all.

6. You can be as grateful for the diet itself as the opportunity to cheat on it.

7. No one else can tell you what to be grateful or not be grateful for.

8. You're really getting the hang of gratitude if you start to give thanks for the difficulties, enemies, and traumas you've faced, and not just survived, but learned something from and become better for.

9. There is always something to be grateful for, as annoying as that sounds.

10. Gratitude is a skill of never-ending levels of proficiency. Like any skill, one of the best ways to achieve a higher level of gratitude is to learn from people who frequent levels higher than you.

Happy Saturday!

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