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The Relevance Of Everything Has Shuffled

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Things That Don't Seem All That Relevant AnyMore:

1. Being cool; buying things just to seem cool.

2. Instagram filters. Getting 10K+ followers.

3. Anything celebrities are saying or sharing, unless it's an update on their wellbeing (for the first time, famous people have no more information than the rest of us and are just as responsible for the spread of misinformation in these times of uncertainty).

4. $7 lattes and $200 jeans (hence the malls being empty)

5. Content that is flat-out ignoring our global sense of fear and unknown, and our desire for community and appropriate humor and wellness. It's not that it's bad content. It just doesn't feel like you can get away with acting like nothing's changed for you/your brand when everyone's lives are upside down.

6. Paying bills on time.

7. Partying harder than your optimum health can handle.

8. Expecting corrupt, manipulative political administrations and the news networks they pay to know what they're doing and to handle this well. *Like John Oliver says, "It seems we're gonna be a little bit on our own, here."

9. The commercial use of art, as much as the raw art form itself (i.e. I would much rather stream Jann Arden and John Legend on live platforms than watch contrived ads or heavily marketed TV shows that feature them).

Things That Appear More Important Than Ever

1. Catching glimpses of people finding ways to foster empathy and togetherness even on lockdown. Italy is inspiring the world with its rooftop song collabs. And also that aquarium that let all the penguins roam free to peek at the other exhibits. Extremely important.

2. Being especially thankful and kind to the health and customer service providers working nonstop through all the calamity.

3. Your utmost well being.

4. Taking stock of and sharpening all your tools for mental sanity... and letting others use the tools that work for them.

5. Delicate care of our our plants, our animals, our cars, and the space we call home.

6. Texts and calls with everyone we love and appreciate.

7. Making art that reflects our solidarity in the face of grief and frustration.

Self-Isolation: A Simple, Effective Solution

8. (In order of most empty shelves at Target today) toilet paper, disinfectant, paper towels, hand soap, pasta, water, canned beans, frozen pizza, bread, Zicam, and lemons.

9. Gratitude and empathy.

10. Taking time away from the noisy media frenzy to be present, calm, and quiet.

11. A good meme. ------->

12. Having a 20-30 second song to sing when you wash your hands (because, let's be honest, Happy Birthday isn't cutting it anymore).

13. Sleep (enough & quality).

14. Genuine laughter.

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