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10:18pm on a Saturday.

Thus ends a week of biting off more than I could possibly chew. Luckily nothing fully fell by the wayside, except social media, which is great. There will always be time for more TikToks.

I almost miss the days of total unknown a few months back: when the world was pure potential and unemployment checks were only just beginning.

But, despite running on 3 hours of sleep and having setback after setback today, I feel accomplished and excited and like I'm earning my keep in this world.

I am learning piano (thought I am behind in my practice). The tips of my left fingers are numb-sore from diligently playing the same 4 chords over and over in a tribute song I filmed for my mom's birthday. I discovered, through Simon, the sheer hilarious utility of this "Finger Fitness" video, and am now on a journey to the ultimate finger swag. :)

I've also begun teaching private musical theatre lessons for those wanting a crash course in triple threat life. We sing, talk about character and story, then weave it all together with choreography and marvel at what a multidisciplinary art form musical theatre is.

I also, just minutes ago, submitted the first 15 pages of my book for review in my structured memoir class. The feedback from this will determine the next class I take and the next step on my journey to publish something. On the subject of writing, my Dance Plug article on Gaylyn Lareese was also published this week. I really can't say enough about this incredibly talented and generous woman's business, content, and inspired free advice. Dancers and entrepreneurs: subscribe. You won't be sorry.

In addition, we are on the hunt for a new roommate for September 1st, as Kat is moving to Iowa (with the exodus of so many other LA inhabitants). She worked for two weeks on a new documentary with Demi Lovato, but in general, work has been sparse for her and she's ready for bigger changes. We're ready, too, to find someone who really jives with us. :) Tell your LA friends and look out for our Facebook housing posts.

I hosted another successful scene study with an incredible group of actors/writers, so devoted to improving on our craft. What a treat to leave our bitter egos at the door and just celebrate each other's individuality. I even found time to write a fresh scene based on a 'first date over Zoom', that went pretty well. I like writing in script format. It feels less methodical than the personal essay and more like an adventure in merging the written word with its visual interpretation.

I also agreed to design a website for a friend in my writer's group: she's an ER nurse practitioner, a marathon runner, and a licensed psychic medium. I love her. What a cool thing to get paid to do for a friend. All these days plunking away at functions on Wix will now have a monetary payoff. :)

As mentioned above I put together a 13-minute birthday video for my mom over the course of the last 24 hours, complete with a reimagined cover of Death Cab's 'Talking Bird' on the ukulele. I almost pulled an all nighter-- writing and editing in the square office smack in the centre of the house. It has a skylight but it's the only room with no real windows, so time passes differently in there. Reminds me of cruise ship cabins. My 2013 laptop is really no match for a 13 minute project. Every brush and click of the cursor was delayed by my lack of RAM and my near-full hard drive. It was like pulling teeth trying to finish that thing and get it uploaded before mom became suspicious that I hadn't called her yet. It was worth it though. Josh perched his phone on the coffee table in Mom's living room with me on Facetime, in full view of her first reaction. It was epic. We did good. :) Boy do I miss her, though.

I celebrated the birthday video victory with a trip about town: a quick library drop off, a stop at Trader Joe's to swipe some kombucha and beet juice for Bae, and an evening garden soil haul at Lowe's. I immersed myself in Fleet Foxes and coasted down Topanga Canyon Road, noting all the packed restaurant patios and mask-less attendees. I get wanting to dine out, but I feel so lucky to make the best food at home, bar none (Bae made a peanut sauce today that knocked my socks off). Tomorrow I'll fill the new raised bed Shane built and attached to our backyard fence with fresh soil and seedlings that have outgrown my kitchen and laundry room windows. It will have to be after our waterfall hike in the early morning--pencilling in time with nature and unplugging from all my responsibilities on Sundays is quickly becoming my saving grace.

My life is so flush with activity, goal setting, and constant breadcrumbs leading to bigger rewards. I shot some of my first footage on Shane's film rig this week, and am plotting the web design for his woodworking client empire. I've grown fond of the phrase: 'Coming Soon'. Everything is coming soon and coming fast. :)

Thank you for checking in with me, and supporting these daily words! I'm excited to announce that you now have the (expressly un-judged either way) option to buy me a coffee when you feel you got something out of my work.

See you all on Monday, and thank you again. :)


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