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Quick Reminder

I have so many creative, collaborative, expansive things going on today, and a small window in which to impart something bloggy, so I'm going to keep it short.

I love you.

I love being alive, in the world, here with you.

I love my audience, my tribe of 16-20 readers from all over Canada and the US, and the further afield fans who check in once in a while (even Shane can't keep up with my daily work). I love being in this process of uncovering our fears and hopes and moving ever onward to something better than the status quo, together.

I love tripping around on my own ideas, and learning about craft through daily writings.

I love being in awe almost daily of the creative beauty and love that pours forth from me with less and less effort. It widens my appreciation for that which pours forth from others, too.

I love my newer, sharper lens on equality--all the things I've learned about human history and the messy mistakes or outdated ideas that some of us still call forever truths. Coming back to love, to appreciation, to humanity, to honesty, seems to be the only 'forever truth' that has endured through thousands of years of human existence.

I love being kind. Sure, people blindside me with their weird attempts to walk all over me, but I never regret being kind. Or receiving kindness. I also love letting go an impossible goal: to be kind in all the ways everyone expects me to be. I'm just out here doing my best, honestly, and kindness doesn't have to look any specific way to be worth participating in.

I love the people I surround myself with and the projects I have underway.

I love striving for healthier food and habits, and also occasionally cheating on them.

I love my flawed, wonderful self. And I love your flawed, wonderful self. We deserve LOVE.

Have a beautiful Thursday evening.


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