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Many things were in process today:

We received the gift of several healthy house plants from friends who are getting ready to move. It's an honor to be thought of as a comparable plant mom in some esteemed company, and so the process of finding the right corners and shelves and watering routines for so much green life began.

Several editing projects were underway: performative and promotional short films for some established Hollywood types. They'll be up soon. :)

Shane is building a custom bench and TV stand combo for his first woodworking client commission. He's also putting garden bed planters together for my sprouts and seedlings: pole beans, kale, carrots, cilantro, eggplant, chives, and a mini pumpkin I impulse-bought in the garden section at Lowe's the other day. Nothing is finished but so much is started. :)

Simon wrote a song today that he asked me to learn the harmony for. We're performing it on Sunday as part of his birthday open mic in our back yard. A small guest list and a rigorous sanitation/social distance/temperature screening process will anchor a day of dance and music and poetry in our outdoor space, AND we found out today that Sam Spiegel is going to DJ a set via Zoom for a very special half hour. F**k.

In penning the first few pages of an essay about my dance journey, I realized today that I'm not just writing an essay. I'm writing a manuscript. I'm 4 pages into my first book... how's that for process?

I'll leave you with a short write up from three years ago: a Facebook post in the spirit of all of my current writings that sat at the top of my feed today; a whisper of what was to come, and a helpful reminder that still stands for me today.

Thank you for your readership and support. :)

Choose Your Words Carefully

I was a super chatty kid. I mean, I was very shy, but around my family and besties I would talk NONSTOP. My aunt likes to tell the story that she would buy a pack of Rolos (chewy chocolate caramel candy) if she knew she'd be spending time with me because they were the only thing that could keep me quiet.

I've been pretty chatty my whole life. I love to tell stories and make funny comments. Only recently have I figured out there's an art to holding back your tongue just as there's an art to wielding it.

We rarely stop to think about WHY we're saying a thing. AND we put next to zero thought into how it will be interpreted. We say things to educate or help or soothe, and we often say things we just want to hear out loud. Gossip and negative sh*t doesn't really have a purpose-except to divert attention from our own inner turmoil.

Why not pick today to think about how your words affect other people and: A. Say something you really, truly mean. B. Say something you don't have to say that might lift up another person. C. Just hold back and listen instead of feeling like you need to tell a related story or give a comment. D. Refuse to give weight to comments and stories that don't serve your better self.

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