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Letting Sh*T Go

I would like to let some things go today. You are welcome to join me, but I'm afraid only you can decide what's worth keeping and what isn't.

We are not our problems and complaints. We are not bound to the worst possible outcome.

Yes, we have been catapulted into an almost entirely new reality. Our work and social gatherings, our relationships and connections, our artistic expression, our politics, and the flow of content and currency has all been scrambled and still struggles to reorder itself. Yes, we are more acutely aware of fear. Fear of the collective, and our own personal fears that were easier to ignore pre-Trump-era politics and pre-COVID-19.

Even if we have felt lucky to be where we are in quarantine, we need not look very far for friends, family, or fellow humans not so lucky. I don't know about you, but this quarantine has brought out my empathy on a grand scale. I want to message everyone. I want to donate something every day. I want to ask every mask-clad person in line at the grocery store how they're really doing. Sometimes that empathy is well received/reciprocated, like in the case of our new neighbor, Pat. Often it is ignored, perhaps judged or scoffed at. Occasionally it is openly hated. But empathy is what I desire more of in the world, and if empathy is what I feel, I'm going to lean in, not out.

And the rest? Time to let it go. No one else is on the exact same path and process as you, and though no one is bound to one method or way of seeing the world, all can benefit from a release of what isn't helping/serving your higher purpose and more contented self.

Letting go doesn't mean ignoring. The aim isn't to suppress our emotions. The aim is to allow people to be where they are, releasing judgment and scorn that isn't ours to give, and instead, doing and saying and being what we can to actually help, actually lift.

Today I'm letting go of my 'never enough' model of thinking: "no matter what I do, what work I put in, or how hard I try, I will never be enough," today, right now, gets scratched and released into the ether. In its place? Honestly, I could probably just take out the 'never' and leave it as is: No matter what I do, what work I put in, or how hard I try, I am enough.

I would also like to let go of the need to 'do it perfectly', and instead, embrace 'doing it the way that works best for me.' Pretty excited for that one, actually.

Lastly, I'm letting go of the tension in my shoulders and jaw.

I feel lighter already. :)

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