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It's All Art

"The Arts" gets divided into categories pretty early on in our lives: painting, drawing, dancing, singing, writing, playing music, filmmaking, etc. But categories put limits on something that is, in fact, limitless.

Putting a monetary value on artists and their specific marketed artwork convolutes things too... at best we get more collaboration and endlessly set a 'higher' precedent for art as time goes on, but at worst, we restrict the expansion of creativity for all, by only allowing certain artists and art forms in arbitrary boxes to thrive. People shouldn't have to 'starve' to dedicate themselves to art.

Art genres are wonderful to learn about--they give us something to build off of and bust through. But not all art needs to fit in neat, pre-decided boxes or have some decorated lineage.

That old quilt your Grandma made is priceless art.

The way plants grow is art.

The last thing you ate was art.

The slow motion video of someone's cat in Japan, diving into a box... art.

The utterly unique and specific sights and feels that make up your life's events and perspectives? DEFINITELY art.

The way you hear your own laugh, the way you stretch in the morning, the angle at which you watch the breeze in the grass, or the snow from the ground looking up (mid-snow angel)... ART, PEOPLE.

The way you organized your living room.

Your memory of the first day of school in Sixth Grade.

The way you hold hands.

The way your favorite socks feel.

The times you cried unpredictably.

Your outfit, your makeup, your handwriting.

The specific parts of the doorframe that got scratched up by the dog.

The impression you do of Barack Obama if he was an Uber driver, that only your closest friends know about.

Whatever memory in your mind is triggered by the words: grass, favorite ice cream, first love.

All the different things you love to do and make and appreciate--the ways of creating that make up your unique artistic identity.

I really believe this, even though I'm not always as aware of it as I'd like to be: everything in our lives and in our days and nights is art. Everything we see and take part in and think about. The moments of extraordinary 'doing' and the moments of ordinary 'being'.

Your life is art, and so is mine. We're all here together, collaborating. :)

On that note, whether you're a tax attorney, a kindergartner, or a pop star; whether you woodwork or raise kids or cut hair, you're an artist. You aren't just experiencing the art around you, you're creating it.

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