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I Was Featured In VoyageLA

Life is weird.

Life's been weird because we moved this week. Life's been weird because a pandemic with utterly irreversible consequences knocked at the door to all our lives three months ago. Life, as an artist and female and divorced 33-year-old was, on its own, weird before these factors were added. So... I feel weird.

In light (or in spite) of the weirdness, today has been filled with unspeakable joy, gratitude, and alignment with my quiet inner power.

I woke up, again, at 530 as the sun rose through our new bedroom window with a Northeast view, obstructed only by palms and a few lemon tree branches. I couldn't find the wall switch to turn off the ceiling fan... there are like 20 switches in the master bedroom so I just 'dealt with' the soft breeze. Life can be hard.

The day held a lot of shuffling around and utility phone calls. And grumbling over not knowing where anything is in our massive kitchen (the real reason for grumbling was we were out of coffee). And long song and dance breaks in the master bathroom.

Then a few things happened:

  1. My pal in upstate New York, Trishy (of Trishy & Looshy), talked me through my last key drop off in my old neighborhood, and we made each other smile and gassed each other up and laughed at the fact that the word 'abundance' contains the word 'bun'.

  2. Our friends, Easter and Doug, dropped off a housewarming gift: a giant box of fresh vegetables, garden starters, gift TP (skyrocketed in thoughtfulness during Coronavirus times), dried lavender, and scented reeds. We were overwhelmed at the generous bounty and thoughtfulness just inconceivable to us.

  3. My feature in VoyageLA dropped as part of their: 'Portraits of the Valley' series. I still can't believe I was nominated to promote my blog and Shane's film company in my own words. It is a thing that leaves me speechless. VoyageLA is the sh*t, OK. They have some killer artists on their pages and a visionary team. They work by word of mouth, which props up emerging and established creatives/entrepreneurs who are disrupting the status quo. And... I'm in there like swimwear? Just... thank you. To Sid, and the whole VoyageLA team, and to Abbey May for the recommendation. I am humbled and honored and totally buzzing off this cool thing.

Thank you to all of you... blog readers, fellow artists, friends, and family. I am loving the way we've been connecting more, and thinking about you with a smile.

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