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I'm Taking Sundays Off

Tryna be this cool all the time

I'm learning so much every day.

I'm learning about the way my brain and body work, the methods that help, and the things that hinder. I'm learning about my attachments and triggers and tools for releasing old useless crap so I might forge ahead.

I'm learning so much about relationships: not just romance, family, and friendships, but the ways I relate to the objects, beings, and information around me.

I'm learning how to find gratitude in darkness, how to prolong my blissful peaks of joy and appreciation, how to hold steady when shock and despair rule the airwaves, and how to roll with the unexpected inevitable.

Yesterday, after writing from my rooftop perch amid the neighborhood fireworks, after slurping mushroom spaghetti and merging evening paths with Bae, I felt an instinctual desire to cleanse and release in some kind of ritual, to make way for the new. I walked around the house, thanking and loving all its corners and crevices. I took slow breaths, burned a little palo santo, and let my mind wander. Then I stepped into the shower and imagined all my biggest worries rinsing down the drain with the shaving foam and shampoo. I finished with cold, and when I stepped out, my thoughts were clear and zoned in. Answers I've been waiting for arrived on the doorstep of my mind, in the form of simple instructions. At 2am, I sat down at my office desk and plotted a purposeful daily and weekly routine for the foreseeable future, something I've been trying unsuccessfully to do for over a year.

Simple, personalized details wrote themselves out. No more social media notifications. A set time of day for online engagement, and one day of rest from social media per week. A day for cleaning, self care, and meal prep. A plan of action for work and study the rest of the week. At least one day where I take the time to immerse myself in nature: a walk, a hike, a beach moment, a tree climb, etc. Devoted, but flexible days for fun/chill/rest to balance out the work-heavy days. No more guilt about not doing enough or working too hard--whether it's work or play, I'm going all in.

Today, after a much needed sleep-in, as I sat down to type up my 159th blog post in a row, one more stipulation floated into view. I'm ready to take one day off per week from writing blogs.

I'm not run down from the blog-writing. For the most part I am energized and humbled each day to be able to write something genuine and read any of the genuine things that came before it that still apply. Daily writing continues to teach me discipline, self reflection, humility, and the bravery of self-belief. My confidence as a writer has skyrocketed, because instead of worrying about getting it 'perfect', I have the tools to get it done. The other day I realized I was a day away from the deadline for a new Dance Plug article. I was under the impression the deadline wasn't until August, and when I realized it was actually July 3... I was completely unfazed. My pulse was level. It wasn't a 'giving up' on whether the article would be finished in time and whether it would be as good as I wanted it to be (the article had been mapped out for weeks and just needed a dedicated sit-down). It was a deep inner knowing that I could write something to be proud of in as little or as much time as I desired. That confidence can only come from putting out something every day--relinquishing excuses and embracing the imperfection of now. That confidence is filtering through my other art forms and work commitments too... "Goodbye forever, perfectionism. You never once served me as well as you claimed you could."

So, to fully embrace my Sundays from now on, and to improve the quality of my blogs and other online interactions the rest of the week, I'm taking a rest day. If you think of me on a Sunday, you can pick an older blog post at random, shoot me a text, or just close your eyes and feel my off-day heart-centered contentment.

Other ways you might be affected by my new routine:

I will be more reachable for work things Monday through Thursday, not always Friday.

I will be more reachable to hang out and have long winded conversations and adventures Friday through Sunday.

I will be responding to messages and social media shout outs, and posting my own content pretty consistently Monday-Thursday on TikTok, IG, Twitter, Facebook, etc. If you message me in the morning I will likely not respond until the afternoon. Texts and calls will take priority, but I will be consciously away from notifications most mornings. If you don't get a response right away, try using the temporary placeholder of "I love and appreciate you, and I'll get back to you when I can."

*These decisions were heavily informed by 99U's Book, "Manage Your Day-To-Day: Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus, & Sharpen Your Creative Mind". It was a gift/trade with Hunter Reece for "Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain" by Betty Edwards.*

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