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I'm Really Lucky

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

I knew I was lucky when I was little.

I used to win coloring contests, consistently. Both when it was by random draw, and when they actually judged the colouring (may as well honour the Canadian spelling, as this is a Canadian story). I just knew, some how, that if it was a random draw, I would be picked first, maybe second.

I can't tell you why or how I knew. I just knew.

In the 2nd grade (Grade 2 as we called it), 90% of Mrs. Clark's/Mrs. James' class at Millet School wanted to play the Grinch in our portion of the Christmas concert. Mrs. James had us put names in a hat--I remember it so distinctly because I had never seen this version of luck before. I knew I was playing the Grinch, and the fact that it would arise from my name being pulled from a hat was just a delicious bonus detail. They drew a name for Max (the dog) first...Kyle Robbins: perfectly in line with my plan. The rest is history.

(*I know... a photo of me in my green face and tiny Santa outfit pulling Kyle Robbins on a leash would be ideal here. I'll have to do some real digging and get back to you--sorry for the inconvenience).

I have won the Wicked, Book of Mormon, and Kinky Boots ticket lotteries. It's only a matter of time before I get Hamilton too. :) I got a free, state of the art color printer as an audience member on the Steve Harvey show last year, as soon as my old printer crapped out. I've won books, flowers, chocolate, wild card draws, sports gambles, yoga gear, and A LOT of card games. The only time I ever gambled in Vegas (over the course of 8 or 9 yearly trips), I won $126 at a slot machine.

Contest luck, however, is just one kind of luck.

I've been lucky in love, and lucky in friendship. I've been incredibly lucky in travel, and lucky in health. I am constantly running into people I know and love in random places in giant cities, and getting messages from friends just as I'm thinking about them. I have pulled myself up a grassy cliff with nothing but dried roots in my hands, feet dangling above a 25 foot drop...alone and lost on a downhill hike in Juneau, AK just before dark. I have left my phone, wallet, or backpack in restaurants, theatres, malls, and Ubers and they have been returned to me 19/20 times. I once caught my employee ID card by its lanyard a mere millisecond before it flew off the bow of the ship. I have left my passport both on an airplane in Copenhagen (6 years ago) and in an airport shop at YEG (at 16). I got it back, intact, both times. Everyone around me was pissed, but I took it in stride. I'm lucky as f**k, and it has never really bothered me to be reminded. A few people have tried to make it bother me ...and failed.

Maybe half the contests were rigged. Maybe I'm ramping up the lucky-seeming times when there were actually just as many unlucky times. But, honestly, I feel lucky every day. I feel lucky to be able to write, lucky to be able to dance, lucky to be able to sing all over my house and all over traffic and into the phone. I feel lucky to have my health... even more today in the face of so much failing health and incredibly difficult hospital heroics. I feel lucky to know healthy, smart, grounded but optimistic people everywhere... in Canada, Asia, Europe, Australia, and in my own home and neighborhood. I feel lucky to have the family I have. My mom and brother are better friends than I could ask for. They've been housing me, sending thoughtful gifts, and helping me make sense of life on my schedule, no questions asked, my whole life. Then I look at Shane, and I feel like I won the most important lottery. I feel like he could have collided with any nice, cute, sassy brunette and let himself invest his whole heart and soul, but he chose me, as luck would have it, and every day is full of prizes, big and small.

I don't list these things to brag (well, not 100% to brag). I think we all have our lucky list based on the things we truly value. I think being 'lucky' starts with finding things to appreciate and not letting yet-unfulfilled desires take up too much of your time. I think giving ourselves permission, both to acknowledge the real fear and challenges forced into view as of late, and to list the reasons we feel lucky, has a profoundly deep and lasting effect on us.

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