• Lucia Joyce

I'm Onto You

There's just no way

You're only a person

Flesh, breath and

Electrical impulses

Aiming to survive.

These are not enough

To equal your effect on me.


Something, less described

And more felt.

Like a song, interpreted

A thousand ways

By a thousand listeners

But felt from a deep, wordless place.

You are the slowing of time.

The falling of thoughts

From their pedestal.

Here I am, human.

Applying logic to the world

Glueing little labels

On untouchable concepts--

But when you're here

I hear new harmonies in old songs

Feel the texture of leafy kitchen veg

Breathe olive oil and cracked pepper

When you're here in the mornings

I giggle into my coffee,

No longer blithely expecting

The blunt utility of a daily cup.

I am more alive with you

My senses more complex.

You are music.

You are fireworks.

You are every particle from here to the sky.

You willingly squeeze

Your vast inner cosmos

Into words and faces

Just to converse with me.

You are an opener of portals

To worlds beyond the maps I carry.

You are pure curiosity and bliss

In a human package.

I'm onto you.

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