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I Like It

I like my furry blue papasan chair, and the soft high pile rug beneath it, even though it's smudged with dirt from my bare feet after a jaunt through the yard or the porch. I like chairs that let me roll around like a fetus in the womb. It is physically impossible for me to sit like a normal human in chairs for longer than 10 minutes. I need to have at least one knee up by my face almost always.

I like plants. They're basically low maintenance pets that tell you what they need in all kinds of silent, creative ways--leaf colors, stalk strength. Some of them tickle your leg when you're not expecting it. Some of them rebel against their Home Depot tag instructions just to test you. Some of them wait patiently while you Google the answers. But all of them give you a day or two of leeway. Even the droopiest and driest babies can be revived.

I think my yard is magical. We do 40 minutes of breath work there every day--maybe that factors in. Today I saw an elaborate 2 foot spider web with a crabby (as in 'crab-shaped') looking arachnid right in the center. He must have worked all night! By the time the breath work finished, the whole web and spider was gone. All that work to just... disappear? Giant mushroom caps and prong-leafed wildflowers have also appeared literally overnight. A small grey cat made eye contact with Shane from atop our own roof a few hours ago. Nature is crazy.

I like my writer's group. Today was the first day we gave feedback for excerpts and pieces we submitted. I am so invested in each of their unique, epic stories, and the delightful beauty of hearing them read my own words back to me was a humbling experience. "Your voice is mature and confident," they say, and "you have a gift for writing"... I'm tempted to explain that all I had to do was live for 33 years then publish a blog every day to slough off the fear and perfectionism, but instead I just sit in gratitude for their kind notes and helpful perspectives.

I like string lights and animal TikToks, getting tipsy from one hard kombucha, and learning how to forgive myself for not accomplishing everything on a mostly arbitrary life list. I like spicy pico de gallo and shifting my worldview label from helpless capitalism slave to DIY social justice warrior. I like that we have our first 'party' tomorrow, an open mic, celebration of Simon's birthday, and mini outdoor physically distanced housewarming. I like all the things we've accomplished and the growing list of things we haven't but know that we will.

I like... finding things to like. It's such a relief... to let in all the things that gratify and tickle you. It fills the rooms of your mind and heart with healthy, thriving guests and distracts nicely from the Debbie Downers who always show up early, hoping to turn the gathering into a sob fest. Nothing wrong with a sob fest, of course, but it's nice to know sometimes you have other options.

I think I like taking Sundays off from doing the blog, but it feels a bit weird, like a small void in my day where a ritual once stood. Tomorrow I am determined to fully enjoy it.

I hope there are lots of things to like in the next half of your weekend. You deserve it.

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