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Highlights Of Quarantine Life

View from Fryman Canyon this morning

There is still so much I'm unaccustomed to in this pandemic. I was never great at being a germaphobe. I've been social distancing from my own boyfriend all week. Sweeps of anxiety usually come halfway through the day if I haven't gone outside or at least exercised, and I've never felt so invested in the health of friends and family who are monitoring symptoms or dealing with the slow decline of elderly loved ones.

But there are still things to celebrate:

-Having filed for unemployment fairly early, I sent in my first continued claim forms today and can start expecting checks. I'm one of over 600,000 US citizens and permanent residents who applied in the past 10 days.

In addition to this, our apartment management company has agreed to be a little more lenient with us on rent during this time. There are rumors of a financial aid plan that could pay each American resident $1200/month, but it's of course still swirling in controversy and political debate.

-Shane's coronavirus test came back negative today. After 7pm. We are thrilled to be able to cuddle again with gusto. And we have a new appreciation for all our physical interactions, big and small.

Quarantine Bunnies

-I discovered yesterday that even a short walk around the neighborhood is an excellent way to get out of my news-update-obsessed, stir-crazy brain. My theory is that I'm spending so much time thinking and checking in globally, that I need to get out and remember this specific place. See people's houses and storefronts, big trees and flowers, dogs and cats. I need to zone back in to where I'm at, and not try to take on the weight of the world every time I pick up my phone.

-Friends and co-artists are posting/putting out calls for expressions of art. So many people are making my day. From Steve Martin playing his banjo in the woods, to my friend Gaby's 5 minute home 'core blast' workout, I am so inspired by the musicians and dancers and visual artists offering free performances/lessons to a public in isolation. No, not every celebrity video strikes quite the best tone with an audience primarily motivated by fear, but I'm glad people are cutting out the middle man and just putting stuff out there. It gives us a feeling of solidarity with those out of work and those working overtime to provide essential services and medical care. On my end, I'm working on some choreography and a song to present for an online event called Fireplace Phoenix Songs, presented by Beating of Wings Collective on March 29. And I am very happy to be working with Dance Plug to publish upbeat articles at a time of need.

-Fulfilling, inspirational work has been a blessing outlet for me at this time, but so has just letting myself rest and unplug. Capping screen time has been harder than ever, but I notice a difference in my mood when I let myself relax instead of pushing through to get something done. I didn't anticipate the communion I might feel with so many people who are out of work but still encouraged to rest, play, and take time for themselves (because we all need to stay at home).

-Healthy, home cooked meals, film devotion, and chats across balconies with neighbors.

How are you doing these days? Comment or message me. :)

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