• Lucia Joyce

Hi, It's Me Again.

Take a breath with me.

At your own pace, breathe in and fill up your belly, then your chest, then fill to the crown of your head with one big inhale. Exhale and let it all go. Try 2 or 3 cycles. Then join me at my next sentence.

You could spend these few minutes worrying about something, getting incensed about something, regretting something, or just being sad. I think we've established that everyone on earth has that right today. No one is lacking a reason to worry or lash out.

But, you're here, and I'm here too, and we don't really come here to commiserate. We come here to chill, to take a breath, and connect a little. Today's blog is not a performance from me to you, it's a means of connecting. I'm averaging 20-30 views per blog post now (which I'm super proud of). I don't actually know who's checking in with me every day, but I think about everyone it could be (and some people it couldn't be) and just flush them with wellbeing and peace in my mind's eye.

It's hard to explain without being cliché... I can feel an anxiety in the air at least as thick as the smoke from all the California wildfires. We are burnt out on politics, burnt out on COVID-19 statistics, and burnt out on social media. We don't know what next month--or year--is going to look like. We just know it's going to be truly, irreversibly different. Beyond getting emotional, numbing, or overworking ourselves, the only decent option we have is to find a way to be thankful for this. exact. breath, and the very next one. Beyond that, I recommend an artistic or meditative outlet, and letting the news cycle burn itself out, away from your gaze. It makes no sense, a lot of the time, to see every possible headline and projection before all the chips fall and we know what we're dealing with. You are a human being, not a computer, and you need to take care of your sleepy body and your brain that makes little miracle connections all day long to keep you safe and sane. Be kind to your senses, and don't bombard them. Sleep more. Drink water. Take deeper (and more) breaths. Tell me something you're grateful for. Repeat.

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