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Health Devotion: Easier In Isolation?

It is humbling to think about everyone, from city to city, tucked into all-day quarantine pods, venturing out--with caution--only for essentials, and finding a whole new routine from dawn to dusk.

I've noticed the passing of time is different. I'm keeping fewer appointments and looking at the clock less. I'm noticing the time of day by the way the sun hits our balcony window. Birds, helicopters, and neighbor chatter fill the air until later in the evening, and the crickets become the dominant sound around 10pm. I certainly don't miss setting an alarm every morning, although if the night before was particularly Netflix-heavy, we risk sleeping the morning away.

Every relationship changed with the lockdown laws. We're either reduced to Facetimes and Zoom meetings or we're in the same room every hour of the day--no in between. I saw on the news that domestic violence has increased with self isolation, and have started a prayer of gratitude that I don't know anyone who has to worry about that. But of course, tension can build, even with the people we love the most. The balance of taking care of ourselves, our work, and each other has stretched to 24/7 awareness--communication and kindness have truly been key.

Something I feel lucky to be able to focus on right now with Shane is our holistic food health. We've taken advantage of all the cooking time and grocery budgets to cook primarily vegetables, and cut back on processed stuff. Without having strict work/travel schedules, or access to craft services/free treats through work, we have truly become more disciplined. We stopped cooking with oil, which has actually been fairly easy, cost effective, and energizing. We cut refined sugar and are monitoring salt intake (Shane is better at the salt part--I am in too deep with hot sauce and pickles). We take turns concocting colorful meals and get creative with snacks. Some days are a breeze and other times we're both triggered by a slice of prop pizza in an episode of Ozark. But we have each other--to triple check food labels and put a loving flourish on each other's plates. The result, after only about a week, has been clearer heads, balanced emotions, better sleep, and just lighter bodies.

You don't have to take this time to make healthier choices, but while you have the time and space, why not try one or two things? If you're like me, you have a controlled environment, free of peer pressure; a space where you can try to curate the best vibes possible, and nurture your healthiest self. Yes, we totally have permission to get wasted and high and eat treats and stay up all night. But when we get bored of doing that, we have an opportunity to take gentle care of ourselves, because we deserve it. We deserve to eat well and feel lighter. We deserve to sleep deep and wake up naturally. We deserve to discover the boundless potential of our well being, at a time when our health is the top global concern. No choice is perfect for everyone, so listen to your intuition about what your body needs, and take a week of your quarantine to commit to any better habit you align with.

I'm also doing Tim Senesi's 30 Day Quarantine Yoga Challenge (Love that guy), and am in an endless battle with relinquishing the morning coffee. But, hey, there's never been a better time to let go of fear and judgment and try.

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