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Gregory Sims: The Journey Itself Is The Reward

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Go ahead and Google Greg Sims: he's a dad, an actor, a Carnegie Mellon grad, a goal-setting coach, and a genuinely delightful human being.

Greg is endlessly, imperfectly, creating a system to align with his most creatively and emotionally fulfilled self. And on the way he has found a juicy side career sharing that system with fellow humans. It translates into an acting technique I've been learning on Thursday nights, but it's also a structure for moving towards any and all objectives--in career, relationships, finance, anything.

It's not something he's constantly advertising. It's not a sales pitch for a self help cure-all. It's just a way of acknowledging the fear and neuroses that come up whenever we try to elevate our work, create something profitable, or just put ourselves out there. It's a way to BEGIN and to KEEP GOING when all our old, false beliefs come out, aiming to sabotage our progress. Lastly, it's a way to DISCOVER more deeply what we're really called to do and why.

Working with Greg, I've noticed the layers of excuses and shitty self-talk easing their usual grip. I'm not seeing my deep emotional life as 'in my way'...I'm observing it with less judgment and doing my work anyway. I'm acknowledging my (totally unproductive) worthiness issues and instead of spending the whole day fighting/ignoring them, I'm just letting them exist and quietly moving forward with them in tow.

If that sounds anticlimactic or monotonous, it is. Because life isn't a treasure hunt for the big win or a promise of happily-ever-after. There is no big win. There are the joyous, brave, tiny victories of the everyday. There are consistent, daily, highly imperfect commitments to moving towards something you desire. The 'big break' or 'ultimate solution' isn't real. It's just advertised that way by people looking to sell us a quick fix. I'm not buying into the quick fix any more. I'm in this uniquely creative boat for the long haul and I'm ironically suffering a lot less by seeing it that way... because all these beautiful, subtle moving towards moments, that might look basic to the rest of the world, hold such genuine fulfillment.

And so the journey itself is the reward.

Check out Gregory Sims' Practical Goal Setting Technique. :)

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