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Going Deep

What are you going deep into during this lockdown?

It might be hard to answer: "nothing". Most of us have so much more downtime. Whether we like it or not, we're spending that time leaning in to things not previously prioritized.

Three weeks ago, I might have predicted I'd be leaning into online dance classes and choreography. Maybe cannabis exploration, or baked goods. Certainly coffee worship. Netflix documentaries and comedy specials, no doubt. Online events were sure to be the next big train to jump on too. But pretty much all those initial predictions have fallen by the wayside (including coffee and cannabis, to my surprise).

Instead, I've tread my deepest paths into:

-Simple plant-based food prep, which has led both Shane and I to an interest in hydroponic gardening. Sloughing off oils, refined sugars, and processed things has blossomed this simple creativity in making meals that taste incredible and go straight to our brain and heart health. We are ready to grow our own veggies, just like Grandma Joyce. :)

-Music education. I went my whole life up to now appreciating but knowing so little about the endless combinations of harmonic vibrations that direct and interpret my mood. What a unique and delicious journey music takes us all on. After a single songwriting session with my good friend Simon, and a clunky guitar lesson from Shane (whose patient guidance knows no bounds); after rewatching Baby Driver; after weeks of 90's cover songs and a cappella singing while emptying the dishwasher, I've discovered I am enamored with the inner workings of music. I participate so deeply in music, knowing hardly anything about its science and mathematical patterns. So that journey is opening up for me, and instead of berating myself for being late to the party, I'm simply beginning it.

-Writing. I know it won't come as much of a surprise to you, but even though I've written almost every day of my life, it has only ever been on the back burner for me, never in the spotlight. But writing is in the spotlight of almost every medium we take in: most every film, TV episode (even the heavily improvised), comedy special, public speech, and song begins first as a written page. An ease and love of writing was cultivated in me from first grade onward, and I realize now that the writer in me is here to stay. I'm exploring my own potential in these blogs and I've never felt so present and content, attempting to put my emotions, experiences, and life lessons into words--if only for a few devoted moms (who I'm extremely thankful for :)). Not a single doubt is left in me: I'm supposed to be doing this. I'm also not worried about what it looks like down the road for me. I just know I will keep going.

-Continuing academia. I know I'm not alone in coming to this conclusion, because I've discussed it with a lot of friends in broad spaces lately. I'm ready to go back to school. I've already requested my (pretty barebones) university transcripts, and I've signed up to take the ACT here in the states. I have a lot of reviewing to do in math and science, but I'm not scared. I f**king like learning. I'm good at tests. And maybe for the first time, I feel both excited to continue my education and connect what I've learned to the working world, a concept that was generally lost on me out of high school. Even though it's more rare and considered to be more difficult for 'older' students to integrate back into higher learning, I don't see it that way. I've spent the past decade+ learning about the world through a wide lens of experience. I've been on the ground, studying and working with some incredible people with vastly different stories. The narrower perspective of my small town teenage self has expanded to encompass so many more people, cultures, natural landscapes, cities, art forms, and life events. I'm ready to navigate a more formal education and funnel that expanded perspective into bigger things. I know it's not a fleeting decision or a 'last resort' because of the visceral rush from my heart to the crown of my head as I type this. I'll keep you posted on the programs I'm considering :)

The point is, we're at a unique junction in all of our lives where we don't have to plan the day away. We have time to listen, deeply, to the choices that are calling us, and lean in to enlightenment on those callings.

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