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Everything That Helped My Mood Today

1. Singing in my echo-y laundry room.

2. Long talks with good friends and family from all over: I regaled my Canadian friends with Hollyweird stories while their kids yelled "Poo-poo!" in the background. I helped my friend in Germany remember he's strong and loved and not alone. I checked in with some LA fam and 'storied' my mundane cooking and cleaning tasks on IG so we could all just take a break from the misinformation and exhaustive politicizing of events.

My dad called, and we talked about Elvis' singing range, and hot sauce, and jack fruit, which he remembers eating in the Philippines way before it started trending in cans at Trader Joe's. He swore he remembered me moving my hands as a baby like I was writing, which I laughed at, but also loved.

My mom called and we talked about how everyone's lives are changing. I got the sense we were both holding it down in the energy department: her on the east coast visiting my step-grandmother, and me in LA with my long phone calls in every direction. Shane was uncompromisingly busy all day but still managed to answer all my texts and make me laugh and feel loved and supported. It was a good day for calls.

3. My roommate, Billy: To quote Shane, "Billy is a miracle." We are both taking in all the current events and our place in them, with mostly calm logic and a desire to keep things positive. We checked in with each other through the day and at dinner, we ate our respective vegan creations together, while watching an incredible anime series he voiced a few characters in just months ago. He told me about voiceover for different studios and the joy of always having the lines in front of you without having to memorize. He left me with so many fascinating things to think about. I'm really grateful for this time with him, as he's moving out this month! Just down the block, but still. :)

4. BEASTARS: The English dub of this unbelievable-in-every-way anime series blew me away from episode one. They're just a group of anthropomorphized animal HOTTIES battling a lot of complex societal flaws and deep emotions/instincts. Some of the best artwork and storytelling I've honestly seen. We binged half the season, which is why I'm writing at midnight again--worth it.


The Trevor Noah Podcast on Luminary:

I recently started this bad boy on one of my road trips, and they are making my entire day and perspective on the world better. The pods are shorter, and they tackle important issues with much needed lovable humor, kind curiosity, and brave, thoughtful guest experts. There's something so satisfying to me about smart, calm, comedic pundits doing their best work in America, having grown up elsewhere (I'm looking at you also: John Oliver & Samantha Bee). Trevor, and his friend and fellow comedian David Kibuuka, help me zoom out from my America-centric lens and see a wider angle on things like racism, education, policing, and social media.

*Honorable mention to The Office Ladies Podcast: another guaranteed wholesome mood-booster.

6. This article about protecting your mental health during these crazy times

7. A long nap.

8. Laura Clery: Newly discovered through a group thread with my brother, this kickass writer, comedian, actor, producer, and mom really made my day today with her unrelenting 'mom jokes' and daily vlog, complete with adorable baby, organic hilarity, and shout outs to sobriety, daily gratitude, and self care. I love her.

9. Camino 'Bliss' THC gummies: they're low dose, they keep me focused and clear headed but in a lighter place.

10. More honorable mentions:

Chance the Rapper, cleaning projects, meditation, relaxing my jaw, mandarin oranges, and several mason jars of water. Oh, and a baby sock I found in my laundry hamper:

There is a sockless baby somewhere in my building. :O

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