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Everything I Needed Today

1. A Facetime with my brother, and an update from my mom.

2. Art devotion:

Tomorrow------> Color

3. This exhaustive and excellent video about health, spirit, and food nutrition:

4. Any series with Youtube's Yoga With Adrienne--she's the BEST.

5. A leisurely walk around the neighborhood. Dogs, fresh air, and some beautiful unique front lawns to get Shane and I inspired.

6. The Philip DeFranco Show--We have never needed a genuine source of news updates more, and Philip is one of those hardworking, smart, ethical news broadcasters, not beholden to the budgets/lobbyists of major networks, and always truly informative. His opinions are minimum, and always labelled as his opinion. I appreciate his more neutral bias and desire to show both sides of an argument. And that he is undoubtedly a human person--unmakeupped, straightforward, motormouth for maximum info retention, and a lot of big hand-talking. *Bonus: his 'Today in Awesome' links are killer.

7. Cuddle time with Bae, John Fahey and Bob Marley records, an episode of the Big Cats documentary, a lot of vegetables, a long shower (complete with singing concert) and a general unplugging from social media. (It will always be there tomorrow).

Despite a tense political climate and the potential for stir craziness, I am consistently blown away by the good people of this world, pitching in to bring art, free classes, donations, food, information, optimism, and opportunities. Feeling thankful for this time to unwind from well-laid plans and appreciate what I have.

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