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I am in Las Vegas for a second night, feeling healthy, but tired. It’s been fairly nonstop for me the past few days: rehearsals, a night shoot that went until 4am, and long hours each day in the car. Warm rain came in waves from drizzle to downpour yesterday.

It has been hard to understand the real effects of COVID-19: there are some factual reports, some overreactions, some suspicious downplaying of evidence (by the US president, no less) and a lot of speculation in the air. I didn’t feel anxious bouncing between airports on my New York trips or in LA the past week, but with plummeting markets and precautions being taken all over the country, I can’t help but feel like I’m in a movie.

Vegas is quiet. Conventions have been cancelled and hotels are quietly suffering. My best friend who dances for Cirque and Le Reve said shows are getting cancelled due to low ticket sales.

The NBA suspended its season. Coachella and SXSW are postponed. Travel from Europe is now restricted and Italy is on lockdown. Apparently Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson contracted coronavirus on a movie shoot in Australia. Movie releases in China and elsewhere have been delayed and touring productions/bands are all making tough calls on whether to move forward.

I’m not given to worry on a grand scale... but I’m certainly watching it all play out intently. I wash my hands with vigor but I haven’t stopped hugging my friends or going to public gatherings. It all feels a bit surreal.

All I have to say in the face of it all is: we’re stronger and braver than we often realize, and now is a crucial time for empathy and self reflection. Connect with the people around you. Be kind and courteous. Get rest and eat well. Stay hydrated and wash those hands! And don’t spend all day on news updates. Give your mind some quiet time, now more than ever...because all the excess fear isn’t doing the world any favors.

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