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Audition Tips: Part One

1. Show up.

Go to every audition you can. Especially in the beginning of your career or if you've taken a break from the biz and are getting back in the game. Don't just physically show up with an old head shot either. Arrive, prepared. Stay present and 'show up' for yourself from beginning to end. It might sound absurd, but there is a way to both be in an audition and not really 'be there' and not really give it your full attention and avoid the grit and vulnerability it takes to be truly seen. And it's not a way that gets you booked or leaves you feeling satisfied with your effort deep down.

2. Make a playbook.

Give yourself a set of steps to run through from the moment you hear about an audition, right up the hour after you're finished. This is a gift taught to me by Gregory Sims: actor, writer, goal coach, and teacher. The key to the playbook isn't just following the same steps over and over...it is carefully observing the steps as you go, writing down what you learn, and revising the steps based on what works for you. Because nobody can figure out what truly works for you, but you.

3. Read & research everything.

It's a simple, attainable advantage--especially in the age of skimming posts and forgetting the info in our texts and emails. Look closely at the audition breakdown when you get it, and re-read it at least a few times later on. Look at the people involved in the project and look up their past work. Don't just look at the job dates and rate of pay. Triple check the location and time of audition. Start contemplating the style of the show--what you'll wear, what you'll sing, if you need to practice an accent or try a new hairstyle or borrow a pair of shoes. The more consistently prepared you are, the easier it will be to stay in-the-moment when you get there, which is the primary goal of an actor. :)

4. Update your resume for each gig.

Always check your resume. If you're like me and you go in for dance/singing/acting, you need a resume that shows the casting team what they need to see most efficiently. Keep it clean, streamlined, and super up to date. Don't be afraid to delete those old college/cruise ship credits or that scholarship you won in high school. Minimal is better than overcrowded with old, half-truths.

5. Do not give up on yourself no matter what you see/hear around you.

This one is especially for DANCERS. You are often walking into a room full of no-one-cares-about-you energy and the insecurities that match it. Don't be discouraged, and don't get knocked out of your best mindset because of hearsay. I almost left an audition today because a girl in the bathroom said everyone needed to sing in Spanish. I was so quick to believe her that I almost crossed my name off the list. But I remembered the breakdown said 'Spanish speaking a plus' and decided to stay and to 'show up' for myself--I'm here to practice the craft of auditioning, after all. I ended up singing well, getting called back, and having a dance audition I was proud of. Imagine if I had left based on a comment I heard in the bathroom! Never, never, NEVER give up.

6. Treat yourself.

Auditions are f**king hard. Give your body and mind and spirit a little positive feedback by rewarding yourself for completing every audition. Maybe it's a nice meal, a coffee, or a pint of Ben & Jerry's. You f**king earned that.

7. Recap your experience & add valuable insights to your playbook, every time you audition.

Every single audition, however good or mortifying it felt, has something positive to glean. Whether you had the wrong shoes (like I did so many times), need to spend extra time rehearsing your sides, or let the energy of the room make you feel small, write it down (ideally while you're having your post-audition treat) and apply it to the next one. That sh*t works.

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