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A New Kind Of Party

Never, until today, did I ever expect to attend a friend's 30th birthday party...

online, in the middle of the day, in my kitchen, while cooking and cleaning.


I ate and drank exactly what I wanted to... usually I'm the one who hangs by the snack table and overindulges for longer than is considered classy. But at THIS party, I made oil-free, vegan tostadas, and didn't miss any of the party while cooking and eating.

No makeup, no special outfit, no hairstyle but the one I woke up with. Just me in my old iLuminate shirt and bike shorts, with my tostadas, and kitchen dance moves.

No overwhelming or anxious feelings at meeting new people. No need to network or be over polite. No need to even speak! We were muted to keep the sound of the DJ consistent across our grid.

When we had to 'take shots', I just drank water... and no one cared or said anything. It was 2pm, in my defense.

No commute. No trains to take or parking to find. Just a bunch of people from different cities enjoying the same reggae-themed playlist by DJ Dilemma (from Philadelphia). When the party ended, I was already home. F*ck yeah.

It was just really nice to take part in a celebration of any kind.

How many parties leave your kitchen even cleaner than when you started?


Volume/sound wasn't always the best quality.

I didn't really get to meet anyone. :( But I did enjoy seeing someone's adorably curly-haired kid and another person's ginger tabby cat. And all the smiling faces of the people who love the birthday girl, of course.

I missed the swag of party attire a little bit-- and often tried to make up for it with my dance moves, although my body wasn't even fully visible to get the whole picture. :/


I think overall the cons were outweighed by the nice lack of pressure and judgment, which gave way to pure enjoyment of the moment, sweating, satisfied, by myself in my own kitchen. :) Happy Birthday Anna!

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