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A Message From your Friend Loosh

Hey. How are you doing out there?

The world is processing a lot of new and old, kicked up feelings. You are not alone in feeling scared, or angry, or grief-stricken, or just generally confused and unstable.

I think it's important to note that a little quiet unplugging from the flood of graphic news stories and controversial posts is perhaps more necessary than ever. Just because we are undergoing deep change and coming into deeper awareness of the extent of injustice in America and the world, it doesn't mean you shouldn't make time to quiet your mind in a safe corner of the day, clear as much thought-clutter as you can, and align with your true inner voice--the gentle one that emerges when the judgment and fear has fallen away.

I also want to make clear that, yes, there is a lot of violence and so many traumatic events happening out there. BUT, the mainstream media is hired to show you horror and confusion pretty much 24/7, and that doesn't mean that beautiful, progressive, inspirational things aren't happening in droves in every single moment of the day. When you turn off the TV and tap into the quiet, you might feel it. But if you need some reporting from the ground, you can count on me to provide humble stories every day that maintain faith and genuine optimism in the human spirit. I'm not the mainstream news. I'm not faking 'Positive Patti' (I don't have that kind of energy). I'm not paid for by corporate billionaires or peddling any agenda other than returning the kindness and mindfulness afforded me year after year in this three-decade life. I stopped caring about my view count a little under a hundred blogs ago, so 'going viral' isn't exactly my priority either.

The new home is... a portrait of the utmost luckiness. It is spacious and clean and slowly being sorted into zen pockets and curated artsy corners. Little touches stop me in gratitude throughout the day. We have a sprinkler system for the front and back yard. We have a tomato plant. We have incredibly kind neighbors. We have string lights and dimmer switches. We have a beautiful new fridge full of local produce deliveries and hot sauces. I have a gifted, two person bean bag chair that envelops the sitter in a womb-like cloud. We have a square of productive office space, although I've been typing blogs in the bedroom and on the back porch too. The morning breath work with my two besties in the backyard has cleansed and strengthened my spirit, as have many coffee presses, healthy meals, and oil-free snacks shared in the kitchen.

The housemate motivation and skill sharing has been unreal. In ways I didn't even anticipate, we hold down each other's empathy, sanity, cleanliness, and focus. We're sharing books, and stories, and recipe ideas, and just general appreciation. We are looking forward to bringing more people into the space for friendship and creativity when COVID-19 regulations make it safe to do so. But the energy of 4 gratitude-minded creators is already sublime.

Shane explaining the parallax effect

Though you might be seeing hoards of angry rioters and looters across your Los Angeles feeds and thinking of us, so far everyone I know inside and outside of protests is healthy and uninjured, including those who have been marching, helping arrestees, and providing aid to protestors on the ground every day since last week. The protests can be confusing--as police groups, white supremacists, and other fringe groups dedicated to sowing chaos have been making fake protest pages online and instigating violence and hate. But we diligently pick through the sources we trust, make calls to political reps, post info and ways to help in our IG stories, and check in with friends. We want to protest but are also wary of staying safe (one roommate is immunocompromised and has an immunocompromised partner), as the spread of Coronavirus is also hard to track these days. Shane and Simon are still facilitating safe shoots, furiously editing films, and fielding calls from clients. On Sunday Shane is breaking down Adobe Premiere tricks and expert color grading techniques so we can all help Moon Ride Films' content get made. We are all four collecting unemployment and PUA (Pandemic Unemployment Assistance) while pursuing and working various contracted gigs.

Today, Shane and I launched a banner and web page to assist the Black Lives Matter movement through Moon Ride Films. We are providing actionable links and resources for those looking to assist in myriad ways. We are working with diverse people of the Black community to tell real stories on their own terms, from an unfiltered lens. We are researching and learning a little more each day about the laws and practices of American systems, built to be unfair and oppressive from the ground up.

The in-between moments are fairly 'normal'. Song jams, living room grooves, porch talks in a circle around a sativa pre-roll. Friendly waves at the moms and besties on each other's Facetime calls. Nuanced care for each other's mental well being and moments of both laughter and heartfelt empathy. Grocery runs have been good vibes. I had an absolute blast at Trader Joe's 3 days ago... witnessing laughter and good conversation among people of every skin color, in the line outside, in the lines inside, and among every single employee interaction. I don't know if every location is in on it, but Trader Joe's is beaming with easy love and conscious human values, even with COVID restrictions and doorstep protests. I'm sure you won't see that on the news so you'll have to take my word for it.

In conclusion, I hope you're taking care of yourself. It's the only way to navigate the intentionally confusing airwaves and tackle the uncomfortable subjects that have been out of the spotlight for decades. It's the only way to be helpful to others, and it's the only way to be helpful to you.

Ways You Can help the BLM Movement

Justice For Breonna Taylor (Today would have been her 27th birthday)

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