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A Little Good Goes A Long Way

Imperfect Produce started bagging and selling 85% chocolate coins--assembled from 'scrap chocolate' in yet another method of eliminating food waste and changing the food industry in America a little at a time. Paired with Imperfect Almond Butter, they continue to flush my day with endorphins and a positive feedback loop that makes me want to make more conscious decisions (and savor my treats). A little effort with good intentions goes a long way.

A friend and former coworker called me today to say his long battle with a drawn out court case (in which his family's wellbeing and longevity hung in the balance) had finally come to an end, and that a small, but genuine card I wrote to him and his wife almost six months ago had a grounding emotional effect on them at a time when they needed it most. Just a little card expressing my genuine love and appreciation and easy, unwavering belief in them. It took about 25 minutes to purchase the card at a Papyrus down the street, write out the things I felt were true, and leave it with him at our place of work. The smallest thoughtfulness can go a long way.

For a moving, true story that drives home the potent, limitless impact of a kind message at a rough time, check out Miral Kotb's story as an artist, innovator, and two-time cancer survivor. It's really good. You won't regret that 6 minutes.

Today my roommate explained that she had an incredible experience, getting tests done for a hormonal disorder that could affect her changes of having children. She has been doing research and trying to stay positive all week about her diagnosis, and today the Ukrainian woman who took all her samples flooded her with optimism. Saying her tests seemed healthier than expected and she may not have the disorder at all, believing in her good health and drawing out a smile she didn't have to see through her mask. This health care worker changed Kat's day and potentially life with her beautiful outlook, combining good science with a better attitude--essential for overall health. Just hearing the story changed my day and my outlook too. A little love and positivity in your work goes a LONG WAY.

I have many other examples of this phenomenon just from my day today.

1. I found out about NCOV2019 Live, the most comprehensive and fact-checked resource for global COVID-19 statistics, coded by a 17-year-old kid (who turned down $8 million in ad revenue just to keep the facts ad-free and clear).

2. I caught up with a fellow artist, empowered female, and excellent friend today over health-minded breakfast in her Pasadena apartment. We talked about our ever-unfolding journey as actors and dancers and drummed up some natural zeal for future projects together. Our appreciation and admiration of each other seemed to flow like a paintbrush tracing an infinity symbol. You call it breakfast with a friend. I call it: "A little authentic friendship goes a long way."

3. I talked to my mom today. She beat COVID-19 this year, fought to get a hard-earned bonus at work, and negotiated a rent decrease on her home that will save her and her partner $10,000 in two years. We are each other's biggest fans. I'm so happy to be her daughter. She is so happy to be my mom. We just keep saying it. A few heartfelt words in a basic phone call-- well, they go a LONG WAY. A call with my mom can sustain my unyielding joy for months.

4. Lindsay Ellis, a writer, film critic/analyzer, and brilliantly unapologetic Youtuber, has been churning out content in quarantine that calls out everyone, herself included. She is changing the way we debate in online circles and helping everyone out there think critically, while being hilarious and doing something she loves to do. She helps us care about the way marginalized groups are portrayed in the media, too. Her first novel is on pre-order status and this 40 minute video about Titanic riveted me from start to finish. Though she is famed for a lot of sarcastic and negative discourse, she is equally good at helping Negative Nancy's recognize and respect when something is "actually good". She works really hard, she is unabashedly herself in the most satisfying way, and she's living the dream creating a career that suits her talents (film critique, clever editing jokes, and deadpan sass). A little hard work goes a long way. (I really appreciated the 90's nostalgia mixed with how dumb Pearl Harbor was.)

5. I've spent 2 days on my new social media schedule and already feel more balanced and intentional about what I take in and post. I'm working my short game in with my long game, and reaping the rewards after just 2 days. A little self care goes a long way.

6. "He visited his daughter's kitchen and left an 'honest review'".

A little humor goes a long way.

Love y'all. :)

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