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Finding a writing voice is hard. Ideally, you write and write and openly say 'yes' to any mood or topic that strikes. You write when you don't feel like writing. You constantly think of ideas, and procrastinate on them, and try to lift them again from the rubble of the day. Most of my blog ideas have struck me pretty much in the moment. Surprisingly, just sitting down and opening the laptop with quiet reverence has a lot of starting power.

Everything started on my birthday week, two months ago. I wanted to make a habit of creating content around kindness and I had been toying with the idea of a weekly vlog. I filmed one and quickly realized I wouldn't have the processing power in my refurbished 2015 13" Macbook to edit so much footage. It's an issue Shane constantly tackles and works around...and he has the newest spec'd out 16" Macbook and a sh*t-ton of multi-terabyte hard drives. That day I realized just how much time and work goes into a well made 5 minute video. I had planned to write my talking points out like a script and include cut aways to sketches that illustrated my points. I would learn as I went--acting, directing, producing, and editing. Shane would help when he had time, but (and this is a great thing) his plate would be increasingly full of other projects, especially editing.

So I decided just to write.

I would write to find my writer's voice. I would write to create better habits. I would write to provoke deeper self awareness and share hopeful, empathetic things with anyone who felt like being part of my audience. I would write to practice writing.

It had to be every day, too. I learned from a blogger named Yann Girard to take the when, the why, and the what if it isn't good out of the equation. Write, simply to get better at writing. Repeat.

Now, after 2 months and 60 blog posts, I am beginning to understand the magic of an every day creative habit. You stop being too precious with your ideas and just let them flow. You stop worrying about end products and learn nuanced things about how you work and what helps you. Your discipline carries over into other habits (I've been way less hesitant to take on projects, classes, and improvisations in dance, film, and theatre). When opportunities come up in your field, you can seize them without hesitation and deliver a decent product swiftly (when Dance Plug asked me to pitch ideas and write a test article, my habits helped me brush past fear and do the work with time to spare).

A lot happened in the past 60 days... I had some big auditions and two trips to NYC. I worked really hard on my singing and did some scattered acting gigs. Shane's film company began to thrive. Oh, and then the spread of Coronavirus completely changed all our lives in a matter of days, forcing us to cancel every plan and just be at home with ourselves.

I don't know about you, but I'm rethinking pretty much everything about life, family, health, and the world. It's a good time to have chosen to write each day.

Over the next 60 days, I'll be documenting our quarantine in LA, making art to while away the time and reflecting on the changing landscape of artist careers everywhere. I will continue to find my voice in articles and poems and deeply personal stories, and I will not, for a moment, take for granted all the support and love I've received from people I didn't even know were paying attention. Every post has become an exercise in gratitude, for finishing something, for embracing bits of subtle and overt feedback, and for finding an audience in previously unknown corners.

Thank you for reading.

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