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1000 Right Ways

What do you want to do/accomplish right now?

You probably have a restricted idea of how to achieve the things you want--a perceived 'right way' to do it based off of the media and your personal experiences, and of course parental/societal beliefs.

But there are a thousand or more 'right' ways to do what you want to do. In fact, I'm going to boldly say there are infinite right ways for you to come out on top.

This means:

Setbacks don't have to be permanent.

Heroic paths are rarely what you expect them to be.

You get to tailor your journey to improvement, by figuring out what works for YOU.

This is why self-help books/programs work really well on some people, and are a waste of time and money for others. It's because there's no single correct approach, applicable to all.

Take singing, for instance:

Some professional singers swear off dairy, spicy food, even alcohol and caffeine. Many singers have long, intricate vocal warm up rituals. Most are professionally trained from a young age.

But I know a few singers who never formally trained a day in their life. They specifically avoid training because they don't want to 'mess up a good thing', and they sound phenomenal. I know a working opera singer who smokes weed every day. I watched Gracie Lawrence ace her solo in a vocal recording session after drinking a massive whole milk latte and casually saying: "You're not supposed to do that, oh well." I used to try to Sherlock Holmes the perfect vocal routine, and now I realize the best way to nurture and grow your singing voice is stop trying to judge every choice and just figure out what works for you. What works for me is hydrating, relaxing my jaw, warming up in the car, and being my regular, healthy-ish self. (It's possible cutting spicy food would help--I'll probably never know.

If you look back through the ages of all the history-makers, if you flip through the online archives of today's successful people... the heroes of each generation rarely achieved anything by adhering to all the rules and expectations laid out for them. The most decorated hero in your field can't make your journey exactly what their's was. You have to find a way to fight your own battles, innovate your own solutions, run your own path. But the good news is... there are 1000 ways or more to get started, and keep going, and move ever forward in a way that satisfies you.

If you're struggling to get through a roadblock, and depressing yourself by comparing your journey to those around you, you're just filling up on unnecessary judgment. Your way (no matter how it looks compared to the people with 100K+ followers) is also a right way. Me making breakthroughs as an artist and a human in my early 30's is the right way for me to tread that path while feeling stable and fulfilled. Me writing daily blogs for an audience of 20 people feels like the right way for me to find my writing voice. Me driving to Vegas on my one day off this week just to get some cuddles in feels right to me in every way.

The other best part of 1000 right ways? Releasing the judgment of other people's journeys.

What a physical, mental, and spiritual relief, to just let other people live their lives without hurting anyone--finding their unique, right way.

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